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Arabera Traduções

Arabera Traduções began its journey in 2001, growing steadily since then and always focusing on the relationship with our customers, speed in delivery, quality of services provided and the continual willingness to accept challenges with the best cost-benefit ratio.
In 2002, Arabera began working with government agencies, being present at both onsite and online auctions, with great success. We work with technology tools and industry-leading databases.
Over the years, we have won over invaluable and reliable customers, including small and large businesses.
Since 2006, we have been operating in the field of interpreting, establishing a broad portfolio of satisfied customers.
We owe what we are today to our team of highly qualified professionals and customers who have always been with us and rely on our potential.

Reasons to work with us

Arabera is an agency that provides translation and interpreting services in various languages. Our focus is to serve our customer in a fast and qualified way.




Our Services


Technical, sworn, literary and commercial translations in the areas of business, science, technology, culture, entertainment, etc. We have trained professionals who are able to perform translations on different topics, with quick delivery.


Spelling check and revision of formal aspects of the text. It covers concordance, nominal and verbal regency, crasis, punctuation and language vices.


Your corporate or academic events, as well as your business meetings, require the very best in the interpreting market. We offer you and your company a team of highly qualified and punctual interpreters with extensive experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in some of the largest, most important corporate events held in Brazil. Please contact us for a complete list of language combinations available for interpreting services.


Our team provides versions of the major languages ​​used in the fields of business, commerce, law, science, technology, culture and entertainment. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience required to deal with the main topics of the corporate, academic and legal areas.


If you need to subtitle your movies, we can handle the entire process, from transcription of audio texts to translations and subtitling. You will already receive your subtitles in the SRT format


We transcribe audio and video records, in any format, with accuracy, quality and speed.


Our professionals are highly qualified to translate and create versions of websites and software, always accurately and respecting their source codes, including adaptation to the particularities of the various regions and corporate, legal, technological and cultural sectors of the many markets and languages with which we work.


  • Technical
  • Version
  • Simultaneous
  • Consecutive
  • Checking
    of texts
  • Sworn
  • Proofreading

Our customers

Solid partnerships with transparency, confidentiality and trust.

We have several customers in the areas of: COMPUTING, COMMUNICATION, TRADE ECONOMICS, MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS, JOURNALISM, MEDICINE, LAW, TOURISM, HISTORY and many others. Please contact us for more information.

  • "Abit has been counting on the Spanish translation service of Arabera Traduções for more than 10 years. The translation company operates with punctuality, quality and accuracy in the delivery of the requested jobs."


    Communication Abit
  • "We consider the deadlines, promptness and punctuality of Arabera's work as being unbeatable, as well as their kindness and quickness in the daily work relationship, which are also essential."

    Ilda Fontes

    RAE Publications FGV EAESP
  • "Firb has been working with Arabera for many years and is very satisfied with its translation services, which consistently guarantee an outcome based on confidentiality, reliability, punctuality, promptness and quality."

    Nilton Belz

  • "In fact, I was surprised by your speed and the quality of your service and assistance. Whenever there was any demand for translation, it was very difficult to find someone who would respond the way you do. Either they charged absurd amounts or their deadlines were absurd. Most of the time I worked on the translations myself, but since I have several other priority activities and am not a professional in English, it took a lot of time to do it in most of the cases. Be sure that for all translation requests that reach me I will indicate them."

    Anderson Albuquerque


Our Team

Our team

Arabera is an agency that provides translation and interpreting services in various languages. Our focus is to serve our customers in a fast and qualified way.

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